In business since 1961, Impro has long promoted their product line to help support and promote optimum production through the use of bovine whey and other nutritional factors that can help support a healthy immune function. In recent years, science, backed by scientific research, has recognized that some foods may contain nutritive, health promoting factors. Interestingly, whey is increasingly being viewed as more than a source of proteins with a particularly nutritious composition of essential amino acids and is more and more becoming recognized as an elaboration of complex food substances comprised of proteins, peptides, complex lipids and oligosaccharides that act as growth factors, toxin-binding factors, antimicrobial peptides, pre-biotics and immune regulating factors. Bovine milk (whey) is a good source of such molecules capable of providing biological activities to animals when consumed as food ingredients. 

The Impro company has a long-standing association with specific dairy herd(s) that are managed for the purpose of providing milk product to Impro for processing their whey ingredient. This enables them to ensure that nutrition, animal husbandry and veterinary care is controlled to produce high quality milk. These cows are subjected to various environmental challenges; e.g., vaccinations, for the purpose of producing specific immune factors to help support the immune system in dealing with specific environmental challenges of the cow or calf. Quality control is enhanced by strict adherence to processing, handling and traceability protocols.

No, Impro is not a preventative or a treatment for any disease. Impro products may contain the bovine whey and other nutritional supplements with the goal of providing support for the immune system and overall health and vitality of the animals.

In addition to cattle, all mammalian and avian species can benefit from the bovine whey. At Impro, species specific products are formulated to best support each class of animal.

Impro products are formulated to be fed or given orally. The exception is Uterine CARE, which is given as an intrauterine flush or infusion.

Historically, Impro has chosen not to fund specific research projects, especially at the university level, but relies on the extensive independent research that is being done around the world. The most current research increasingly demonstrates that optimum gut health heavily contributes to optimum health and a fully functional immune system through a complex system of bio-feedback communication between the gut and the animal’s immune system. Many of the nutritive components of our products contribute to optimizing gut health and a healthy gut biome.

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