As a manufacturer and distributor of nutritional health support products, Impro Products understands the importance of traceability in animal feed supplements. In any farm setting, feed security involves numerous, interconnected stages of production, distribution, and agricultural practices. 

Minimized Biosecurity Risks Of Products In All Stages

An essential aspect of biosecurity is the ability to track animal feed from its source. Where it comes from and where it goes matters! Traceability is a critical factor in feed safety regulations. Likewise, traceability is a critical factor in Impro Products’ operations. Impro Products minimizes biosecurity risks by manufacturing their own product ingredients and by utilizing Licensed Feed Manufactures that operate under the “Safe Feed – Safe Food” regulations for all their co-manufactured feed products.

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Operating Facilities in Waukon, Iowa

A leader in dairy nutritional supplements for 60 years, Impro Products manages several facilities in Waukon, Iowa:

  • Dairy farm and herd of cows to provide raw materials for animal nutritional products
  • Milk-processing plant for processing, drying, and packaging animal nutritional products
  • Warehouse facility to store animal nutritional products until shipping
  • Corporate office to run the business and fulfill customer-direct and dealer sales orders

Achieving Success with Impro Products

From its facilities in Waukon, Iowa, Impro Products serves livestock farmers, ranchers, and dairy producers throughout the United States. Visit our online store to purchase direct or contact a dealer in your area. Impro Products dealers are animal health and farming specialists who are committed to the success of your agribusiness or hobby farm. 

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A consultant to and manufacturer and distributor of nutritional health support products for the dairy industry.

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