Impro Products has immediate openings for dealers interested in working directly with farmers, ranchers, and dairy producers to improve and maintain animal health. Impro is a consultant to and manufacturer of nutritional health support products for the dairy, livestock and equine industries. Impro Products has 60 years of experience helping dairy farmers build efficiently producing and profitable dairy herds. 

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      Become an Impro Products Dealer

      Do you have what it takes to be an Impro Products dealer? 

      • A background in farming, dairy production, agri-business, or sales
      • A passion for people and the farming community
      • An interest in advising farmers and dairy producers about animal health and nutrition

      Impro Products wants to talk to you about dealer opportunities:

      • Current agriculture sales reps, eager to expand their product line to better serve their clients
      • Retired farmers or dairy producers, eager to earn extra income and work in agriculture
      • Anyone who loves agriculture, eager to pursue an agri-business career

      Comprehensive Training & Support

      Apply today for an opportunity to be selected as an Impro Products dealer. Dealers receive comprehensive training that covers product information, sales strategies, and customer support. Dealers confidently and effectively represent Impro’s animal health products in rural communities.  

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      Dealers Needed in the Northeast, Midwest & Western U.S.

      Join the Impro Products team as a dealer. Complete an Inquiry Form today for an opportunity to represent Impro Products, a leader in dairy nutrition, health, and efficiency. Impro Products has immediate openings in the Northeast (Vermont, Pennsylvania, New York), Midwest (Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio), and West (Idaho and California). Impro Products is currently looking for dealers with one or more of the following: farming experience, a network of rural-based relationships, and knowledge of the dairy or livestock industries. If you own or operate an existing agri-business store, feed mill, nutrition consultation service, route trucks or similar business, you would be a good candidate to become an Impro dealer.

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      A consultant to and manufacturer and distributor of nutritional health support products for the dairy industry.

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