Dairy Nutrition

Build a superior dairy herd

  • Healthy, fast-growing calves
  • Strong, early-maturing heifers 
  • Robust, top-producing lactating cows. Only a healthy cow can be the most efficient in how she’s making milk.
  • Selective culling over forced culling for improved herd genetics opportunities.

Improving Dairy Herds with Innovative Nutritional Products

Impro Products focuses on the elements essential to building a superior dairy herd: Nutrition, Water, Environment, and General Health Care. Your local Impro Products dealer is committed to your success and backed by Impro’s resources and specialists in animal health and farming practices. 

Driving Dairy Excellence with Herd Health Enhancement

Benefits of Herd Health Enhancement:

  • Feed Efficiency
  • Higher Peak Milk Production
  • Lower somatic cell count
  • Improved Reproduction
  • Lower Cull Rate
  • Lower Veterinary Costs

Improving Calf Health with Housing Innovations

Impro Products began its journey in the dairy industry by focusing on the theory that limited isolation housing could translate to healthier, thriftier calves. This discovery led to the 1958 published research by Professor James S. Collins titled “The Principle of Isolation – It’s Application in Animal Husbandry.” Subsequently, Impro Products designed, constructed and copyrighted the first “Calfloo” in 1961, a predecessor to the modern-day calf hutch. Over the years, our calf-housing designs have inspired many universities and companies to adopt and adapt our design to fit their needs.

Reaching Production Potential with Impro

Impro Products and Impro’s focus are designed for dairy producers who are committed to excellence. The Impro dairy farmer is open to new ideas and wants to produce high-quality milk at the most cost-efficient rate. The Impro animal nutrition program incorporates state-of-the-art products with current, common-sense management tools and practices to help dairy animals reach their production potentials. 

Achieving Success with Dairy Health Products

Based in Waukon, Iowa, Impro Products serves dairy producers throughout the United States. Visit our online store to purchase direct or contact an Impro Products dealer in your area. Impro Product dealers are animal health and farming specialists who are committed to the success of your dairy herd.

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