Based in Waukon, Iowa, Impro Products is a consultant to and manufacturer of nutritional health support products for the dairy, livestock, and equine industries in the United States.

Supporting Animals Nutritional Needs

Impro Products helps animals mount a healthy immune response during times of environmental challenges or stresses. As part of a comprehensive plan for animal health, Impro Products capitalizes on nature’s own processes to support animals during times of increased need or demand. The supplements provide an additional source of nutritional elements for an animal’s diet and are not intended to cure, treat or prevent disease. We encourage livestock and dairy producers to consult with their nutritionist and veterinarian for professional advice regarding the specific nutritional and medical needs of their dairy cattle, beef cattle, calves, horses, goats, and swine

Maximizing Dairy Herd Potential

For dairy producers, Impro nutritional products contribute to profitable dairy herds. We believe that only a healthy cow can produce milk in a manner that’s most efficient for the cow and the producer. The key to profitable milk production is proper care and nutrition throughout the animal’s life cycle, from one generation to the next. Impro Products supports the overall health and efficiency of the dairy animal in every stage of life: calf, heifer, lactating cow, dry cow. Impro Products helps dairy farmers maintain herd health to produce high-quality milk at a cost-efficient ratio. Healthy animals manage stress challenges more efficiently, leaving more available energy for conversion into milk.

Enhancing the Health of Farm Animals

Impro Products originally focused product development on dairy and beef cattle and swine with an emphasis on products for dairy herd health. Our main interests still remain with products for the dairy industry but now are available for horses, sheep, goats, and swine. Combined with sound management practices, Impro animal nutritional products contribute to the overall health and well-being of farm animals in general.

Achieving Success with Impro Products

Visit our online store to purchase direct, or for more information, contact us or an Impro Products dealer in your area. Impro Product dealers are animal health and farming specialists who are committed to the success of your agribusiness or hobby farm.

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A consultant to and manufacturer and distributor of nutritional health support products for the dairy industry.

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